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>> glenn: hello, america. welcome to the "glenn beck program." it's earth day! have you cut dun your earth day trip and put it in your living room? i decorate mine with heat lamps but that is a different story. we decided to turn on every light in studio because we have cockroaches to expose tonight in the bright lights. c'mon, lots to do! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. if you missed last night show, go back and watch it, please. this is important for you to understand. it is comb plex. you can find it -- complex. you with find it on the fox news websiwebsite. we are going to talk about acorn. remember them? a community organizing group with a soft spot for those in need. even the under-age sal va doirn dorian -- salvadoran sex slaves. yesterday, the funding ban was reinstated. this upset some people, especially acorn chief organizer bertha lewis. there she is! the media now is focussing on what she said while she was speaking at the conference of the young democratic socialists. the conference of the young democratic socialists. she at that meeting called the tea party movem
, the u.s. is under attack by an army of computer hackers. so where does america stand on cyber-security? >> rodriquez: it's scary when you think about it-- how much we depend on computers and the internet, especially considering the system's never been more vulnerable. in a recent survey, three quarters of business and organizations claim they experienced a cyber-attack last year. this week, it was reported that hackers have been able to steal critical information from google, so what's being done to stop this? terry mccarthy continues our series "cbs reports: where america stands." >> reporter: cyber-space-- it enables, e-mail, electricity grids, international banking and military superiority. we can't live without it. but increasingly, experts say the openness of cyber-space is putting the u.s. in jeopardy. >> we can say that sovereignty is at risk. >> reporter: sami saydjari heads the cyber-defense agency, an information security company. >> basically, our whole superpower status in the united states depends on computers. we lose them, we lose our status as a superpower an
'm going to give you a look into the mind of the guy i believe is the most dangerous man in america. can you name him? how he thinks anti-government groups should be dealt with. i also want to show you the principles we need to cling to. if you want to restore america, if you want to save it from becoming a progressive nightmare, i want to show you the train to get on. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i have to tell you. i am so energized after our meeting last night with dr. king. i have thought about her words all last night and today. i have to tell you, we are on the right track. we are on the right track. don't you miss a single episode. don't miss it. don't miss a second of tonight's show. tonight i want to talk about goldman sachs, the supreme court justice nominee but i want to start with the daily cost, the far left wing blog said. here is what he said just the other day about tea parties. >> this is what the people voted for. it's one thing to post it on policy. it's another thing to use kind of exterminationist, eliminationist rhetoric they're using in appeal
day, where does america stand on cyber-security? captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. the. soant the search continues for the 11 workers missing since the explosion late tuesday night. the coast guard has now expanded its search area to cover 3,000 square miles of the gulf waters. whit johnson has the latest. >> reporter: when the oil rig finally sank into the gulf of mexico this morning, there was still no sign of the missing. now an environmental concern-- the coast guard estimates crude oil at the rate of 8,000 barrels a day, could be spilling into the open sea. 700,000 gallons of diesel fuel was also stored on the rig, and now that it's underwater, officials don't know whether that fuel is also spilling. they do know this accident has a potential to be an environmental disaster. >> i think there are just too many uncertainties for us to be able to estimate what the volume of the potential spill could be. >> reporter: b.p. oil, which leases the platform and, and the coast guard have at least
're going to continue to focus on bringing jobs back to america and to our people. i yield back. mr. cantor: i thank the gentleman. madam speaker, i would say this. always the gentleman likes to talk about the prior administration, and i would just like to point out that during the prior administration, the last two years of that, his party was in control of congress and certainly if we look at the numbers, did contribute to some of the problem that -- mr. hoyer: would the gentleman yield on that issue? mr. cantor: i'm not ready to yield yet, madam speaker. i would say there's plenty of blame to go around. but what we're trying to do is learn from mistakes that have taken place and go forward in a constructive manner. it's my sense that this nation is at a crossroads. we have serious challenges facing this country and last thursday was congress' deadline for passing a budget. and it is my strong belief that we must act and the gentleman indicates that we are going to act, but because of the critical nature of the challenges that we face, madam speaker, i believe that we've got three reasons
from or how they ended up on the campus. that student that was run over was not somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. answering them. siemens. and stays low? look no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. call t
is that this budget does not go far enough in terms of investing in america. i would go a lot further. i will offer amendments to do just that. i will tell you where we begin to get some of that money. i find it wrong that to have a situation where warren buffett, who has been before this committee, and he tells us that he pays a lower effective tax rate than does his secretary. this is the third richest guy in the world, $40 billion. does that make any sense at all? we have a situation where last year, exxonmobil, the most profitable corporation in the history of the world, not only did not pay any federal income taxes but actually received a text on last year in part by setting up tax shelters in the cayman islands and i recall that chart you have of the thousands of companies that are crowded in one building there. when you talk about investing in america, i think that is a good place to get the money. >>>none of my republican colleas are here but i find it amusing to say the least that without exception, they tell us how serious the deficit situation is. i agree with that. they have voted to re
of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain up to 10 requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so approved. mr. defazio: well, all america has heard about too big to fail and they're still pretty angry about that in the bailout of wall street. now there is a new deal with lexicon thanks to goldman sachs and that is designed to fail for profit. goldman sachs worked with a hedge fund manager who put together a collateralize debt obligation that he hand picked because he thought they would fail. goldman got a fee for putting them together, goldman sold him insurance or bets against him and then goldman sold to unknowing investors those same securities as great investments. we are thankful that the securities and exchange commission is back on the beat after a long nap under the bush administration and chris
the result of decisions made across kitchen tables across america. by folks who took on mortgages and credit cards and auto loans. and while it's true that many americans took on financial obligations they knew they could not afford, millions of others were frankly, duped. they were misled by deceptive terms and conditions deep in the fine print. while a few companies made out like bandits by exploiting their customers, our entire economy was made more vulnerable. millions of people have lost their homes. tens of millions more have lost value in their homes. just about every sector of our economy has felt the pain. whether you're paving driveways in arizona, doing home repairs in california, starting a small business in florida, that's why we need to give consumers more protection and power in our financial system. this is not about stifling competition, stifling innovation. it's the opposite. with a dedicated agency setting ground rules and looking out for ordinary people in our financial system, we will empower consumers with clear and concise information when making financial decisions. s
of people that represent many -- represent america as a way to look at the nominee. >> reporter: in an effort to build on the bipartisan meeting he reached out by phone to nine additional senators on the committee, including three republicans. despite the best effort to build consensus, republicans say there are critical philosophical differences to make it impossible. >> i don't believe judges should be empowered to redefine the meaning of our constitution, of our statutes, to enhance the government power, to intervene in a lot of different areas. >> reporter: the president said he hopes to announce a nominee by the end of may. tonight we are getting confirmation about another name in the mix. judge williams of seventh circuit, african-american who was first nominated to the bench by president ronald reagan in 1985. then elevated to the appellate level by president clinton. she is a graduate of wayne state university and notre dame law school and she used to be a music teacher. >> bret: okay. add her to your nominees potential book. >> will do. >> bret: thanks. federal law enfo
sector since the 1930s. critics call it a jobs killer. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: welcome back, bill, good morning to you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. while the president is making a pitch -- senators on both sides of the aisle try to negotiate a deal, one of the top economic advisers believes this has the votes to pass. take a look. >> i think you're going to see independent members of ck, of both parties are going to read the bill and say i totally agree with what is happening here, we need to end bailouts, too big to fail, derivatives out into the open so, so i think they're going to vote for it. bull bill we're getting earth word of what the president is going to say in manhattan. major, is this speech about new policy? >> it's not, bill. this is a speech to round up votes on capitol hill, make the case, and symbolically portray what happened in the great recession as something set in motion by recklessness and to a certain measure, greed on wall street. now, the president has got about 700 people in the audience at coope
businesses, the engine of drop -- job growth in america. it is what we need for creativity and innovation. last year, the offer was accepted by this committee to raise the budget by $180 million. and this year, to have increased by 75 million, i think you for that. it is the key to our economic success, helping small businesses. . >> i will yield you some more time. that is kind of you. i would also like to express accolades as everybody else has for senator -- the senator from new hampshire because it is people like him you can -- that give public-service a good name. when you have somebody like him retire, it is going to give a big vacuum. i wish you were retiring, but you're entitled to your own decisions and whenever life you want from here on out. but public service will be harmed because there are not people like you are around. a year ago when this committee met to mark up the budget resolution, we were confronted with an astoundingly irresponsible budget. during that time, we of heard a lot about how these massive deficits and debts were in heritage from the previous administratio
airlines in america after 9/11. - and you know, and i would expect that to happen. >> and one low cost airline that often sells tickets for just a few dollars is putting strict limits on what it pays out to passengers. >> the european airlines that have been prevent i'd flying by the european governments are now going to ensure a last resort for people's hotels and meals. we will refund more than the ticket price, reasonable reseated hotel and meals occurred by disrupted passengers. there will be no compensation but we'll meet a reasonable need. >> it's not just european airlines but the financial dam has been global and the wake up for next time. >> clearly an issue that we need to reckon with. i think this event is really something that will help the industry understand and learn how to deal with those situations a little more effectively. but volcanic eruptions are part of our business. absolutely. >> almost all of europe's skies are open again and people are making they're way back by whatever ways they can find. some by train. some with troops returning from afghanistan on a n
political debate with emotions running high on both sides, the battle for america's schools. the white house point person on education, arne duncan calls what's going on right now brutal and scary, his words. he says all the budget cut does backs, are a looming education catastrophe. local school boards say they have no choice and the kids are caught in the middle of all this. we're going to talk to secretary duncan coming up. >>> we're going to begin as always with your cheat sheet for the day's top stories, our mash-up. our top domestic story is the one we started with, the massive oil rig explosion off the louisiana coast. at least 11 people still missing. 17 were seriously injured in the blast that sent these dramatic burst of flames into the sky. take a look. >> explosion rocked the rig about 10:00 central time tuesday night, spraying flames in every direction. >> reporter: it was a harrowing ordeal as workers scrambled to abandon the rig. some jumped more than 75 feet in the ocean. >> the coast guard evacuated 75 from boats. >> coast guard rescuers 64ed the gulf of mexico for 11 missin
toys for the rich. how about a $3 million iphone -- anyone? the show starts right now. >>> in america today, the president headed to wall street, trying to close the sale of a plan he claims will reform our nation's banking system. the president, flanked by americans who have suffered because of big bank deception, homeowners whose mortgages are under water, although you could argue they shouldn't have taken those mortgages. credit card holders hit with 25% interest rates. and a baltimore woman who was charged with $148 in overdraft fees in one month. also in the audience, the faces of the greed that caused the financial crisis. men like goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein. the president's message to wall street -- get on board. >> we don't have want to have an economy that, that addressing the underlying problems. >> the president putting the blame squarely on those who took the risky bets in secret, with our money. they continue to do it to this very day. >> a free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get, however you can get it. what happens in waults
in america these days. we start with the senate race up in pennsylvania. joining me right now is senator arlen specter. senator specter, thank you for coming on tonight. i want you to talk about your tv ad running in pennsylvania right now. here's the ad, we're going to run it free for you. i want you to respond to why you're running it right now. here it is. let's listen. >> joe sestak. releeved of duty in the navy for creating a poor command climate. joe sestak, the worst attendance of any pennsylvania congressman. and near the bottom of the entire congress. last year alone, sestak missed 127 votes. he says the missed votes weren't important. he went campaigning instead. let's say no to no-show joe. >> and here's part of a web video your campaign put out last summer, let's watch that and we have one more to show. all three of them we're showing tonight. >> he wants you to vote for him. but doesn't vote for us. joe sestak, awol for pennsylvania. >> i'm arlen specter and i approved this message. >> here's a website sponsored by your campaign called no-show joe. it says joe sestak awol. s
of main street america, leaving them out would be another mistake. rather than focusing on concerns of wall street, i spend my time focusing on the concerns shared with me by my constituents back in missouri. missourians expect real reform, but demand that congress -- one specific area of concern is the creation of the so-called consumer financial protection bureau. the cfpb, this massive government bureaucracy has unprecedented authority and enforcement powers to impose duplicative mandates. we're not talking about big banks, but also your community banker, local dentist, as a result, there will be no choice but to pass these added costs on to consumers, the very bill is -- peep -- the people the -- people this bill was designed to protect. the only way to ensure the cfpb does not unintentionally hurt well-performing institutioning that issue credit is to narrow the scope and authority with clear language outlining who this new regulator will regulate. surely my colleagues would not want to vote for a bill that creates a new government bureaucracy without knowing exactly what the b
from the treasury secretary, coming up later on "good morning america." >>> a just-released poll shows the public continues to be divided about the new health care law. the kaiser family foundation finds 46% of americans have a favorable opinion of the law. 40%, unfavorable. as for how the law makes us feel, 55% said confused. 45% said pleased. and 30% say they're angry about it. >>> airlines estimate their losses will top $2 billion from the week-long shutdown due to the iceland volcano. an industry group called the fallout worse than the shutdown after the 9/11 attacks. about 80% of flights have been operating at major european airports today. >>> rivers bubbling with chemicals and smog-choked skies prompted the first earth day 40 years ago. since then, new laws and cleaner technology have caused smog levels to drop about 25% nationwide. and lead levels are down about 90%. now, experts say the problems are unseen, like carbon dioxide levels increasing by 19%. >>> and on this earth day, spectacular, chris cal-clear images from the surface of the sun. >> they're the first images from n
made america what it is. but a free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get however you can get it. it is essential that we learn the lessons from this crisis. so we don't doom ourselves to repeat them. make no mistake. that is exactly what will happen if we allow this moment to pass. and that's an outcome that is unacceptable to me and it's unacceptable to you the american people. a vote for reform is a vote to put a stop to taxpayer funded bailouts. that's the truth. end of story. and nobody should be fooled in this debate. >> nbc's ron allen joins me live from the new york stock exchange and, ron, a good afternoon. we've gotten the news that the first vote to start debate in the senate now is scheduled for moay00 p.m. that's what's going down in washington right now. how about the president's speech on wall street? how was it received? >> i think a lot of people thought it was going to be tougher than it was. and a bit of relief that perhaps we're getting past the us versus them, main street versus wall street i hear so much about. dave henderson i
property, standing on probably the most famous piece of public property in america. it has a commy sounding name. the boston common. common. get it? one of the country's oldest national parks. on monday, anti-government protesters showed off their right to bear arms in a government-funded state park in virginia. you might remember when tea party folks converged on washington, d.c., for the big 9/12 anti-government march last year, in addition to using a government park for the site of their protest, a great footnote to that protest were the complaints by many 9/12 protest teres that's the public transportation system they used in d.c. to get to their anti-government march, they didn't feel was up to their standards. here's how we covered it at the time. >> occasionally you come across something when you're reading the news that can't be improved upon with comment. so here without comment is from today's "wall street journal." quote. protesters who attended saturday's tea party rally in washington are unhappy with the level of service provided by the subway system. republican congressman kev
when he said there's not a red america or a blue america, there's one america. he said there's not a clear divide between main street and wall street and we all rise or fall together and if that unifying message reflects the fact it looks like democrats and republicans will strike a deal before too long. >> and one of the things he really wanted to do, steve leesman, was puncture the republican talking point from frank luntz, which democrats say was written before their bill was even put forward by chris dodd. the talking point that this is another big bank bailout. this is what he had to say. >> what's not legitimate is to suspect that somehow the legislation being proposed is going to encourage future tax bailouts, as some have claimed n. that makes for a good sound bite but it is not actually accurate. it is not true. >> let's truth squad that. steve, is it factually accurate or not? >> well, let me just give you a little reporter's notebook edition, andrea, because i was reporting this story from both the democratic and republican camp. talking to republicans week after w
finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. take things as they come? i've got an idea. or improvise? maxwell house custom-roasts each bean... for a full-flavored cup of coffee. so you can be good to the last drop. absolutely! i have a lot of stuffiness at night. it wakes me up. i have allergies. ♪ you're right. i'm getting more air. -oh, yeah. -oh, wow! [ female announcer ] for two free samples, go to breatheright.com. >>> president obama's supreme court nominee is not just a liberal but a radical. a socialist. or will be when the republicans get through with him or her. does that mean the president is free to nominate someone who actually is a liberal? >>> and you've heard of republican chicken hawks. meet the chicken doc. she thinks her health care plan is finger-licking good. that will make sense later. >>> and the geico announcer is fired, that's all ahead on "countdown." een thinking... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i
:00 in baltimore. before coming to the oldest archdiocese in america, he served as the first ever beneficial of orlando. the people who knew him well had nothing but nice things to say about the archbishop. >> his 96 years were filled with tremendous joy, generosity, sharing, loving, love of church, a love of people. he was a good man. he was a really good humble man. >> borders served as the archbishop of baltimore from 1974 until 8989 when he retired. he passed away this week from colon cancer. >>> and now to a developing story. the state's board of elections is asking the state prosecutor to investigate whether a prince george's county lawmaker improperly used campaign funds for his personal expenses. the board says it was not satisfied with explanations for nearly $54,000 in expenditures examined in an for -- improperly used his office to benefit a grocery chain without disclosing that he was receiving consultant fees from that chain. no charges have been brought about in the case yet. >>> a homeless man was sentenced to nine months in jail today after he stole a plane, drove it -- and
in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. >>> live coverage for you now. that police press conference has just begun regarding the missing ohio mother who police at one point thought might have been in danger. she has been found alive and well. let's listen. >> our leads that we got that led that finding her were from grass-roots efforts from the public that we used to get the surveillance videos and connect mr. hutcherson with her. and at that point we were able to do some things that led to finding this lady like we wanted
. proven performance even on sensitive skin. ♪ >> sean: tonight in hannity's america. the white house press corp up in arms today after they were barred from covering a gay rights protest outside the white house yesterday in what has been described as rare and unusualç move police closed pennsylvania avenue and lafayette park during the protest. the closure stopped reporters from further covering the activists speaking out against don't ask don't tell and that policy. take a look. >> back off! park's closed! >> have you seen them do this before? >> let's go, back upç, park's closed! >> sean: you can hear the reporter asking if this has ever happened before? what we can be sure of if it happened during the bush administration the left would still be talking about it this very day. there are new indications that the democrats will stop at nothing to push their radical agenda through congress. whether it is cap and tax or immigration reform, it is all on the table for the left thanks to the return of the controversial process known as reconciliation. accordingç to senator cardin democrat
, right? >> remember, if you're buying for 30 years and you believe in america, you still would buy a home. interest rates are very low. interest rates being low, you're buying it for very cheap. if you buy for five years can compare the cost of renting, you don't have any fees or roof repairs or taxes comparing to buying now for five years. >> not going to go up 20%. >> my crystal ball at least goes out five years unless you're getting an incredible deal. which if you work hard enough unlike in stocks, insider trading and real estate is condoned. >> if you're renting and you put an option to buy, that's my point. if you already need to rent, put an option to buy. >> thank you for joining us, we really appreciate it. >>> blackstone group and continental sinking today. >>> up next president obama near wall street this hour to make his case for overhauling our financial system. we'll head live to the cooper union in lower manhattan for cnbc special coverage. >>> welcome back, everyone. president obama in new york city at this hour preparing to go into the lion's den. he is getting ready to s
america great. i fundamentally believe that, i went to the whorton school. i think volunteerism is the best way to give back. >> neil: do you think these guys should be reformed, that they have to change their ways or the president should force that issue? >> you know, it's not my -- i have so many issues in my own company and our own situation at a i'm not an expert. people went through tough times and i think having a thorough review process, what the right answer is, i don't have the specifics. there's a lot of complexionties and people don't under what went wrong but i'm glad the economy appears to be getting better or we're feeling that, advertising and other things are getting stronger and you just reported some tech companies. so i think the most important thing is great leadership where we go for america. >> neil: gotcha. all these rumors back and forth about the so-called right network started and rumors were comcast, you, were behind it. what's the skinny? what's the deal with that? >> i think what the statement we said, that i saw, i've not met them. i'm not personall
international, and going to accelerate the growth of the company beyond north america. >> i want to ask you about the international story, because i know it is a good one. but are you saying that the traffic returned to the stores, and so that the earnings are coming out better than expected was not necessarily due to cost cutting, but end-market demand, is that what i hear you saying or still largely due to cost cuts? sgl >> well, it is not largely due to cost cutting, but we took out $600 millions of cost cuts, and getting leverage from the p&l, but the real story is comp store sales at 7%, and 3% traffic, and i think that given the headwinds of the economy and all of the things that other people are dealing with, the fact that starbucks has demonstrated such resiliency really does show the power of the brand, and then the other thing is that we demonstrated such value with the starbucks card, and the loyalty program, and we got a big boost from the new product i introduced on the floor with you which is starbucks via. >> yes, we talked about that when you introduced it, and i know it is
't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the same low price year after year. call now and you'll also get a free dvr for 6 months. get it all for just $99.99 a month with a two-year agreement -- a price guaranteed for two years! don't wait. call 1-877-4fiostv. that's 1-877-4fiostv. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> the united states has the highest rate of teen pregnancy, birth and abortions. there are 750,000 teen pregnancies each year and nearly 7,000 right here in maryland. teen moms incorporated is a space haven for young ladies who are pregnant in baltimore on saturday. tracy victor butler is here to talk about this benefit coming up. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> let's talk about k.-mart house. >> it is a safe haven for teenage moms who are pregnant. our belief is if we can change the mindset of a teenager while she is p
the planet. there are over 1.1 million living with hiv and aids in america that we know about and, unfortunately, the infection rate is going up to nearly 60,000 a year, which is a big increase. so it's not getting any better here. it's getting worse. we need to do something about it. >> can what can we do tonight? >> first -- thank you. we need to -- you need to get tested. you need -- everyone needs to get tested to find out if they're hiv positive or they're not. [applause] there shouldn't be a stigma about finding out. hiv is not a life-threatening disease anymore. you can be helped when you have hiv. don't be afraid to go and get tested. and if you need any information, you know, responsibility, you can e-mail the ejaf.org. if you do that, we can help you. but be responsible. we're condoms. be tested. and, you know, help yourself and other people. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much for coming out here tonight. we are honored to have you here singing "your song." elton john. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ it's a little bit funny ♪ this feelin' inside ♪ i'm not one of those
landscapes. this is what burns talked about with it being america's best idea that we would set these places aside. historically, was really interesting about it was that as the country was forming, we really did not have the cathedrals of europe, but we had places like the grand canyon and the giant redwoods. we chose to stand as up. today they still attract 40 million international visitors a year to this country. we get about 289 million visitors a year from all of around the world. host: i wonder what are the more frequently expressed his and or concerns you hear from the public. -- frequently expressed criticisms or concerns you hear from the public. guest: visitors come up repeatedly. what i worked at a national park which is only an hour and a half to two hours from downtown seattle, i would run into people on the trail and it would be the 50th visit that summer. their comments can be extraordinarily specific. there are like, "there is a sign up on this trail that is a little bit deteriorated. can you fix that?" we love that, because that kind of input helps us book is on our efforts
. he is in the know. so jon is a big time player in the current media war we are seeing in america. now as talking points has said before, i like stewart. he is the second most talented guy on cable tv. but there is no question that jon stewart is a committed liberal. he lives in tribeca, for crying out loud. although to be fair, he has mocked far-left loons on occasion. but i think i notice a tear in his eye when he did it apparently stewart's main beef with fnc that we are hypocritical, that we slant the news to make the obama administration look bad and we generalize all day long about the american left. enter bernie goldberg, a frequent stewart target. bernie says the comedian himself is the one embracing hypocrisy. >> clearly you want to be a social commentator, more than just a comedian. and if you want to be a good one, you better find some guts. how about those black columnists who play the race card and generalize about tea party people being racist? why don't you go after them by name? and do it with the same passion and gus toe that you use when you are going after fox people
to raise capital and get loans and invest their savings. that's part of what has made america what it is. but a free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get however you can get it. >> among the changes the president insists on as necessary, a protection system in the event a large firm begins to fail, imposing limits on the size of banks and the risks they take, new transparency rules for derivatives and other complicated financial instruments, and interest strong consumer financial protections. the president also urged wall street to stop fighting against reforms. nbc's ron allen watched the president's speech with traders on the floor of the new york stock exchange. ron, what did you hear from the people there? >> reporter: well, i think a lot of people were pleased that the president in their estimation seemed to moderate his tone a little bit. they say that they're tired and hope we can get past all the main street versus wall street rhetoric but they recognize here or they at least see it here as politics and they try to focus on the real business as
priority in their contract from america is protect the constitution. that's innovative. middle class voters worry about keeping their jobs and paying their bills, not some half-baked michelle bachmann conspiracy theory. she won't back off. in an interview with the hill, bachmann stood by her gangster government comment. she's a tea partier. when government comes in and decides who the winsers are and who the losers are and there's no recourse, that's what happened to 3400 dealerships across the country, that's one example of gangster government. >> please, those jobs were saved, the money is being returned because it was a loan and not a bailout. this is the kind of psycho talk they've got. that's why the tea party isn't going to go anywhere. a media hype thing. they have one mission. that is to stop barack obama at any cost and the progressive movement. their mission has failed miserably to date. for rupert murdoch to say he doesn't want november his people involved in any kind of political organization, that's not right for them, explain all the fund-raising your people are doing, mr. mur
like to say on behalf of all the middle-aged, overweight women in america, just shut up. >> claire mccaskill. >> morning, everyone. >> that was rough. >> it was a little -- it was edgy. she obviously has strong feelings about that. i do, too, about our health in this country. >> stop. just stop. >> she's right. she's right. >> you know, i love when somebody says, what everybody else is thinking, and claire did just that. so, a big show ahead today. tim geithner will be coming in. >> i can't wait to ask him about financial reform. that's going to be exciting. he's coming in on the set, right? >> right. speaking of financial reform, at the event last night, we spoke to an awful lot of senators who basically said this bill is going to pass, it's on the front page of "the washington post." the senate is moving closer to financial reform. >> it was a nice event. this was the press club foundation. it was -- >> the congressional debt? >> gosh, a lot of folks showed up on both sides, congress and the media as well. so, it was fun. it was good. you did a good job. >> yeah. >> making people be
audience to join him and not fight, but had some pretty harsh words for america's financial sector. >> the free market was never meant to be a free license to take what ever you can get however you can get it. that is what happened to often in the years leading up to this crisis and not all, but some on wall street forgot that behind every dollar traded there has been a family looking to buy a house or pay for an education. open a business and save for retirement. what happens on wall street has real consequences across the country. >> mr. obama said the reform is not nearly about size, preventing firms from becoming too big to fail, but also about attitude, stopping reckless risk-taking. >> we will continue to see what amounts to highly leveraged gambling in our financial system. putting tax payers in jeopardy. the only people who ought to fear the oversight and transparency we are proposing are those whose conduct will fail. >> my guest has had [inaudible] assistant secretary of international affairs. what do you make of president obama's push for fundamental reform? >> you have
arrives! an update. >> >>> well, the creators of america was most controversial cartoon, matt stone and trey parker are the guys behind south park, threatened with violence over the two-part episode that ended last night. a satire poking fun at fears that some have of folking about the prophet mohammed. well, now, some are accusing the producers of caving and censoring the episode. others say this entire thing was planned and part of a joke. trace gallagher gets to the bottom of it live in our west coast newsroom. trace, what do we know? >> reporter: i think what's so fascinating about the story is the creators have never really shied away from any kind of controversy, megyn. over the years they have gone after virtually every religion. for those of you who do not watch the show, here's a quick snap. >> for those of you who were a little confused, you are dead, and this is hell so abandon all hope and yada yada \dollars/{^ed}aa. we're not going -- yada yada yada. we're not going to stop the orientation process. >> wait, i thought i was a devout prot instant, i thought i was going to
of the taxpayer dollars, we won't waste a single one. we are trying to be good stewards in our 2.2% of america, and best i can tell, folks here do appreciate that indiana is in a lot better shape than most states and you have to make common sense decisions to stay that way. tavis: what is the health care of this newly passed health c e karen depaucare on the state of indiana. >> i don't think it will be good for america, i think it will aggregate the worse problems of high cost and overconsumption of health care. our state will cost millions of dollars and lead to low-insureded and will lead to health care. i don't think it was a good conceived bill, and i am sorry they passed it. tavis: i will take from your comment that you are opposed from this legislation, i will take it that indiana was doing a good job to make sure that most hoosiers had health care? >> we were gaining on it, we have a program different than this national program, it's based on individual accounts that manage their own money and decisions. and totally protective. and it's very popular with the 50,000 people, the first
in ceremonies to mark the first anniversary of the serve america act. the event was held yesterday in washington during national volunteer week. at a luncheon, organizers of national service groups talked about how to increase opportunities for americans and sustain momentum. >>> the smithsonian's national museum of american history received items from the kennedy era that have been in a receive deposit box for years. one item is a cane used by president kennedy during world war ii. robinson made the donations. he and jfk were both pt boat commanders in the south pacific. >>> new york's presbyterian hospital columbia hosted an event to celebrate 3,000 kidney transplants there since the first one in 1969. some the result of kidney swapping. that's when a loved one who isn't a match for their loved one is a match for another. >> we increase the number of live donors by a third, which is huge. >> reporter: in december of 2009, surgeons here in the district performed 26 kidney swap surgeries saving 13 lives. there are 80,000 americans waiting for a kidney right now but each year there are only 17,00
lebowitz the chair of the federal trade commission. >> reporter: the ftc is america's watchdog for consumer protection. you write in your annual report the end of the week this past year has provided unprecedented challenges to americans and to the agency. what powers, as we, congress and the president figures out how to protect us in the future, what powers don't you have? what do you need to continue to be america's watchdog? >> that's a great question. obviously, with the economic down turn we've had real challenges. scam artists go where the money is a lot of the money has been in things called foreclosure rescue scams. companies will say give me $5,000 and i'll prevent the foreclosure on your home. they take the money and don't do anything. we've brought dozens of cases there. from our perspective, certainly from my perspective, one thing we would like to see is civil penalty authority so we can find malfactors right now all we can do is take their profits which is good maybe get restitution for consumers. if we had a bigger stick that would be helpful. >> reporter: do you support the
did in the convention that there is no red america or blue america, there is just america. he said that we don't have to pult settle for stifling markets, and new regulations would make the markets work better. >> our system only works better and our markets are only free when there are basic safeguards that prevent abuse, check excesses, that insure that it is more profitable to play by the rules than to game the system. that is what the reforms we have been proposing are designed to achieve, no more, no less. >> reporter: well, maria, the president went on to ask those in attendance including some business executives to do it for their country and get behind and call off the lobbyists and get behind the financial reform push, and some are sympathetic. some we talked to afterwards said it would not kill the golden goose, but others have a different view, but maria, it is looking to move forward and the democrats and the republicans are getting closer to a compromise and the bill may hit the senate floor and get a procedural vote early next week. >> we want to get a reaction from a
>>> good morning, america. it's thursday, april 22nd. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm juju chang. >> this morning, fireball in the gulf. 11 workers still missing after an oil rig explodes. throwing some men 75 feet into the water. we have the latest on the frantic search, as desperate family members reunite with survivors overnight. >>> plus, president obama heads to wall street, taking on the big banks on their home turf. as the deal on financial reform appears near. we ask the treasury secretary what it means for you. >>> and e-mails that could be at the center of a murder. sent by that "survivor" producer to his mistress, just as his wife is killed in mexico. >>> plus, bristol palin takes on the man accused of hacking into his mother's e-mail account and revealing bristol's cell phone number to the world. why she says she feared for her life. >>> and good morning, from washington. i came down from my interview with the treasury secretary. robin's on assignment. thanks for holding down the fort, juju. we have news out of louisiana. that stunning video, from the burning oi
time. america runs on dunkin'. of mocha iced coffee from dunkin' donuts. it's just another one of our delicious, refreshing iced coffee flavors -- grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. >>> well, if you're looking for a place to truly call your own, 40 private greek islands are now up for sale. they are in everyone's price range providing everyone is a millionaire. while it may be true no man is
. it seems the problem we had in america is the profit center has moved from our farms, land, communities, to wall street, where it is one big casino. the people willing and dealing are doing so in the dark and we have a government that is on whether to regulate -- and women to regulate. where has the sec been for the last 10 years? is this new bill really going to regulate derivatives, or is it that the service? guest: depending on the form that it is passed in, will put oversight on derivatives. the sec specifically card, any kind of derivatives through the modernization act in 2000. in that respect, they could only look for fraud. that is how the market was able to trade with abandon. this legislation would force derivatives through a clearing house that would require banks to have more and more margins set aside, have more cash on hand, so that they did not create the run that it did when they are called. there is discussion now on how big these loopholes are for these swap dealers. depending on that, people might say, it did not go far enough, but there will be oversight that never e
for america in the broader middle east. the litany of challenges is well known -- two wars, the specter of nuclear proliferation, the ever-present threat of terrorism, and the scourge of radical extremism. a deficit of democracy, governance, and human rights. the on the film promise of recognition, reconciliation, and peace between arabs and israelis. the list goes on. but we are not without tools for change. one of the tools is the impressive human capital that is brought to address these problems. our special guest today is a prime example of this. in or out of uniform, general james jones has devoted a lifetime of service to our nation. as a marine, he saw combat in vietnam and was a commander in northern iraq and bosnia. he rose through the ranks to serve as commandant of the marine corps and supreme allied commander, europe, commander of the u.s. european command. immediately after his retirement from active duty, he decided to take on an easy job. he was appointed by secretary of state connolly's a ridoleeza rik with palestinian and israeli officials to further the police process
states senate. about 95% of the nuclear weapons are owned by the united states of america and by russia. there are a lot of groups in this world that are very interested in acquiring one nuclear weapon with which to terrorize this planet. we're now operating under the strategic offensive reduction treaty known as the moscow treaty. it requires the u.s. and russia to have no more than 2,200 deployed nuclear weapons. there are many more than that. i'm talking about deployed in the field by 2012. the strategic offensive reduction treaty that we're now operating under does not restrict any nuclear delivery vehicles at all, airplanes, missiles, and so on, and it doesn't have any verification measures and it expires in 2012. so a few weeks ago in prague, the czech republic, president obama and russian president medvedev signed a new strategic arms control treaty. it's called start. and i compliment the administration for successfully completing this treaty. i was part of a group here in the united states senate that continued to meet with and review with the negotiators the prog
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